Business Model Transformation Index

Bring science to the art of transformation

BMTi helps your organization to assess and develop high performing and disruptive innovation capabilities that thrive your organization to design and sustain winning business model transformations.

What is Business Model Transformation index ?

Business Model Transformation index (BMTi) is a solution to assess, guide initiatives and monitor critical components that drive winning organizations, business model transformations and performance.

BMTi blueprint provides a set of indicators measuring your high performance and disruptive innovation capabilities. It considers dozens of factors.


BMT quotient


BMT dimensions


BMT questions

BMTi framework is composed by:

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5 - 100 employees

Perfect for your small business or for manager with single teams

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101 - 500 employees

Ideal for multiple teams & medium-sized company.

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500+ employees

A tailored experience for your enterprise global organization.

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